Determining who is a “spouse” under BC’s intestate laws

Estate planning is something that many British Columbia residents believe they will get around to at some point. Some make good on that intention, but others pass away before they have the chance to prepare even a simple will. When this happens, the province’s intestate laws guide who will receive the assets from a deceased individual’s estate and who will handle settling it.

Balancing fairness with religious and cultural customs in estates

Undoubtedly, Canada has a diverse population. People from all backgrounds and lifestyles live, work, play and die here. They bring with them vibrant cultural and religious beliefs that serve to enrich the lives of communities across the country, including those here in British Columbia.

What happens when an heir is disinherited?

Not every British Columbia family gets along. Some relationships degrade to the point where a person may decide not to leave someone who would legally qualify as an heir an inheritance. When an individual creates his or her estate plan, the family dynamic could affect how the testator, or creator of the will, structures it.

How Does the Duty to Accommodate Affect Employers?

Accommodation is an equality concept that, when implemented in the workplace, can help eliminate barriers and encourage participation by employees regardless of race, colour, age, sex, physical or mental ability. For employers, the duty to accommodate may seem daunting. Understanding what’s involved and how to comply is a key part of ensuring a safe, respectful workplace that is free from human rights violations