Richmond Mediation And Arbitration Lawyers

Mediation and arbitration are out-of-court processes that offer effective resolution of disputes. Mediators typically work with parties to come to an agreement, while arbitrators typically impose an agreement on parties following the presentation of evidence. These processes are private, more cost-effective than litigation and often give clients a sense of control over the dispute resolution process.

The mediation and arbitration services at PLLR Lawyers are among the firm’s distinguishing elements. Firm counsel are both committed and trained in these resolution methods.

Trained Mediators And Arbitrators

Members of the firm have mediation training. In particular, the firm is highly experienced and adept at handling disputes, including:

Many of the firm’s cases are also effectively resolved using a mediation process, including personal injury claims. The role of firm counsel is to understand each individual case in depth and advise clients on the more effective strategies for resolution. At PLLR Lawyers, counsel are committed to mediation when it serves client needs.

Lawyers In This Area

Our mediation and arbitration team includes:

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers Serving Vancouver

To contact the Richmond-based mediation and arbitration lawyers on staff, or to learn about the firm’s collaborative law services, call 604-243-8912 or toll free at 800-733-8716. You can also contact the firm online to schedule a consultation.