Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal

The obligation of an employer to an employee includes meeting legal requirements when the employment relationship comes to an end or changes significantly. When those requirements are not met, legal action is possible.

PLLR Lawyers’s Richmond lawyers handle wrongful dismissal claims on behalf of employers and employees. The firm’s business counsel obtain effective resolution to each employment dispute.

Issues In Wrongful Dismissal Claims

An employee has rights pursuant to the individual’s contract of employment or under the Employment Standards Act. Among the issues that commonly arise in a legal action for wrongful dismissal are:

  • Cause for dismissal: Obligations on the employer are reduced if the dismissal is for just cause. A variety of employee actions can constitute just cause, such as stealing from the employer or insubordination.
  • Notice period and severance: Employers are generally required to provide employees with notice of a termination, or pay in lieu of notice. The amount of pay or notice will depend on the terms of the employment contract and the provisions of the Employment Standards Act.
  • Mitigation: An employee is required to begin looking for another job upon termination and otherwise mitigate the losses suffered as a result of the firing. The steps taken by the employee will be a factor in any legal dispute.
  • Constructive dismissal: In cases of constructive dismissal, an employee may have been forced to quit, or had no reasonable option but to resign. This is also actionable under the law. Constructive dismissal may include significant changes in an employee’s pay, job duties or job title without the employee’s consent.

If the termination was based on an individual’s race, gender, ethnicity or similar grounds, an employee may also launch a human rights code complaint.

Employment Termination Lawyers In Vancouver

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