Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal

PLLR Lawyers frequently provide advice and representation in situations involving the termination of an employment relationship.

Issues In Wrongful Dismissal Claims

An employee has rights pursuant to the individual’s contract of employment or under the Employment Standards Act. Among the issues that commonly arise in a legal action for wrongful dismissal are:

  • Is the termination with or without just cause?
  • If the situation involves a termination without just cause, what is the reasonable notice period and/or severance payment that the employee is entitled to?
  • To what extent is the employee’s entitlement to be reduced to take into account the “duty to mitigate” (should be explained)?
  • Properly structuring a settlement, with an appropriate release, while minimizing tax consequences.

If the termination was based on an individual’s race, gender, ethnicity or similar grounds, an employee may also launch a human rights code complaint.

When a severance package cannot be reasonably negotiated, litigation may follow. PLLR Lawyers have experienced counsel to deal with such litigation and can provide advice and representation in wrongful dismissal situations. Our office number is 604-276-2765. You can also contact the firm online.

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