Estate Administration & Probate

Estate Administration & Probate

Individuals named as the estate administrator, commonly known as executor, of an estate hold several important responsibilities. Administrators also have a legal duty to act in the best interest of the estate and to fulfil their duties in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. The advice of a lawyer can help ensure these responsibilities are properly met and both the estate and the executor are legally protected.

PLLR Lawyers is a Richmond law firm that serves the needs of administrators and executors throughout the province. With an established practice focused on individual and business needs, the firm is able to give sound advice to administrators and executors.

Responsibilities Of Administering An Estate

An estate administrator has many potential tasks upon the testator’s death. Depending on the circumstances, those tasks may include:

  • Confirming the will is the testator’s final will
  • Probating the will
  • Notifying beneficiaries and providing them with copies of the will
  • Protecting estate assets

At PLLR Lawyers, the firm’s estate lawyers are dedicated to providing personal service to clients. Our experienced counsel can give you the guidance you require to properly administer an estate.

Surrey Probate Lawyer

Administering wills or trusts can be challenging. Legal advice can help. To schedule a consultation with the firm‘s estate administration lawyers in Richmond, call 604-276-2765. The firm can also be contacted online.

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