Employment Law

Employment Law

Sound employee relations are an important part of any successful business. As employers strive to meet their legal obligations to staff, employees take control of their professional futures by committing to contracts that are in their best interests. Both sides engage legal services when there is a dispute, and astute legal advice can help them to achieve the results they require.

At PLLR Lawyers, the firm’s Richmond lawyers use employment law knowledge and skills of negotiation, advocacy and contract drafting to best execute the goals of clients.

Legal Services For Employers And Employees

The firm’s employment law practice is comprehensive. Employees and employers seek the firm’s services for issues including:

  • Employment Contracts: The firm provides advisory services in regards to contract interpretation, as well as drafting and negotiation service. The firm also represents clients in litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings where the terms of an employment contract are at issue.
  • Wrongful Dismissal: The firm represents individuals whose employment has been terminated, or who argue that they have been constructively dismissed. We also represent employers in wrongful termination claims.
  • Human Rights Code: The firm represents clients on either side of a dispute that invokes the BC Human Rights Code and represents applicants and defendants in BC Human Rights Tribunal proceedings.

Employment law disputes are complex. Obtaining the services of experienced employment law counsel can help ensure you obtain the results you need. The lawyers at PLLR Lawyers draw upon their extensive history as business lawyers and employment lawyers to successfully represent each client.

Services for Employment Law

Employment Standards Act and Canada Labour Code Matters
PLLR Lawyers can assist in providing advice on interpreting and applying the BC Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) and the Canad[...]
Workplace Investigations
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Human Resources Management Advice
Do you need assistance with various human resources issues? Our team of advisors can provide advice on: How to properly conduct a [...]
Employment Contracts
An employment contract sets the legal boundaries of an employment relationship. In conjunction with legislation, this agreement se[...]
Wrongful Dismissal
The obligation of an employer to an employee includes meeting legal requirements when the employment relationship comes to an end [...]
Human Rights Code
Employers are required by law to respect the human rights of employees. This includes refraining from practices that are overtly d[...]

Lawyers In This Area

Our firm’s employment law counsel are:

Erica M. Chow

  • Civil Litigation
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Commercial/Contract
  • Employment Law
  • Construction Litigation
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Gary M. Hagel

  • Estate Administration, Estate Litigation
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Employment and Workplace Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Mediation (Personal Injury, Employment, Wills and Estates, other civil disputes)
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David Smart

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Personal Injury Law
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For more information about our legal counsel, please visit our lawyers page.

Employment Contract Lawyers

If you have questions about your business’ obligations under the Employment Standards Act or require drafting services for an employment contract, contact our Richmond employment law counsel. We advise clients throughout the province and have been an established member of the British Columbia legal community for more than 40 years.

To contact the firm, call 604-276-2765. You can also contact the firm online.

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