Trust Dispute

Trust Dispute

Among the most common legal issues facing beneficiaries following the death of a loved one is whether certain assets, left outside of the will, should in fact form part of the estate. At the Richmond law firm of PLLR Lawyers, firm counsel advise beneficiaries and family members of a deceased person about the status of assets in dispute, and launch legal action where appropriate.

Determining Whether An Asset Is A Gift Or Held In Trust

Understanding a testator’s intention in regards to property outside of the will is important to determine its status. For example, a will maker who opened a joint bank account with a family member may intend those account funds to simply pass to that person after the will maker’s death for the survivor’s own use. However, if the will maker opened that account in order to avoid probate fees and had the intent that the joint account holder would distribute the money to all beneficiaries, these account funds could be considered to be held in trust.

Trust Litigation Lawyers Serving Richmond

As an established firm with more than four decades of history serving the community of Richmond and families throughout British Columbia, PLLR Lawyers can be the right law firm to help you establish and assert your rights as a trust beneficiary.

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