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Wills And Estates

When you invest in a lawyer to help you prepare your estate and plan in the event of mental or physical incapacity, you are investing in peace of mind. Estate and incapacity planning, the creation of trusts and disputes that arise with regards to wills and inheritances are complex and emotionally charged. A lawyer can give you the sound advice and guidance you need to ensure your assets and your loved ones are protected.
Estate Planning
PLLR Lawyers is a Richmond-based law firm offering services to families and individuals who want to plan for the future distributi[...]
Will Dispute
Beneficiaries to a will can dispute its validity after the testator has passed on. Family members of the deceased can advance a le[...]
Estate Administration & Probate
Individuals named as the estate administrator, commonly known as executor, of an estate hold several important responsibilities. A[...]
Trust Dispute
Among the most common legal issues facing beneficiaries following the death of a loved one is whether certain assets, left outside[...]
Following the death of a loved one, beneficiaries and family members may engage in a dispute about the terms of a will. This may i[...]

Business Law

At PLLR Lawyers, members of the firm proudly say, “We know business and business knows us.” With more than four decades as part of the British Columbia legal landscape and nearly 20 knowledgeable lawyers committed to the needs of business, the firm has earned respect and notoriety within the business community.
Business Dispute
Prudent business planning and the maintenance of efficient operations are important aspects of business growth. Managing, preventi[...]
Commercial Borrowing And Lending
Commercial lenders and borrowers require legal advice during the negotiation and closing of a transaction to lend money. PLLR Lawy[...]
Corporate And Commercial
PLLR Lawyers is proud of the respect it has earned from business owners and entrepreneurs. With nearly 20 lawyers and a comprehens[...]
Buying Or Selling Business
The business law firm of PLLR Lawyers provides legal services to businesses in all stages of a business’ life. The firm represen[...]

Employment Law

Sound employee relations are an important part of any successful business. As employers strive to meet their legal obligations to staff, employees take control of their professional futures by committing to contracts that are in their best interests. Both sides engage legal services when there is a dispute, and astute legal advice can help them to achieve the results they require.
Employment Contracts
An employment contract sets the legal boundaries of an employment relationship. In conjunction with legislation, this agreement se[...]
Wrongful Dismissal
The obligation of an employer to an employee includes meeting legal requirements when the employment relationship comes to an end [...]
Human Rights Code
Employers are required by law to respect the human rights of employees. This includes refraining from practices that are overtly d[...]

Real Estate

The law firm of PLLR Lawyers is a source of real estate advice and representation for builders, entrepreneurs and business owners throughout Greater Vancouver. Located in Richmond, the firm features nearly 20 lawyers who have earned the respect and trust of businesses.


Construction projects are high-stakes entrepreneurial endeavours. Expectations on all sides of a construction deal must be met; otherwise legal action is possible and sometimes recommended. The construction lawyers at Richmond’s PLLR Lawyers are experienced business counsel who work on behalf of developers, builders, contractors and entrepreneurs and seek effective solutions to construction disputes.

Personal Injury

Emotional and physical injury can alter the course of your life. When the trauma you have suffered is the result of another person’s actions, you may be able to use legal means to recover the resources you need to help you recover.

Family Law

The prospect of obtaining legal advice to handle personal and sensitive matters with regards to your family can be daunting. At PLLR Lawyers, the firm treats family law clients with respect and consideration of the emotional toll they may be experiencing. Located in Richmond, the firm’s lawyers serve families from throughout the province.
Collaborative Family Law
When couples choose to end their relationship, they may wish to do so with a minimum of conflict, in particular when children are [...]

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are out-of-court processes that offer effective resolution of disputes. Mediators typically work with parties to come to an agreement, while arbitrators typically impose an agreement on parties following the presentation of evidence. These processes are private, more cost-effective than litigation and often give clients a sense of control over the dispute resolution process.

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