Contract Litigation

Contract Litigation

Business litigation is usually rooted in a dispute over the interpretation of or breach of a contract. Business owners may argue they did not receive what they bargained for within the context of a delivery or sales agreement. Real estate deals may not meet the expectations of all parties, and some may choose to sue.

PLLR Lawyers is located in Richmond and serves business owners throughout the province. In a dispute over a contract, experienced and knowledgeable legal advice can help ensure effective resolution.

Legal Advice For A Range Of Contracts

Contractual obligations arise in the context of sale of goods, property development, consultation services and the relationship between employers and employees. The firm represents clients in disputes over contracts, including:

The firm’s contract litigation lawyers, Richmond-based and serving clients throughout the business community, maintain an expansive business law practice. The diversity of talent and depth of experience at the firm benefits clients by providing solid advice and innovative solutions.

Contract Interpretation Lawyers Serving Vancouver’s Business Community

The firm features a dynamic group of lawyers in addition to a committed staff. The firm offers accessibility to clients who need advice on their legal issues. To contact the firm to schedule a consultation about your contractual dispute, call 604-276-2765. You can also contact the firm online.

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