Shareholder Dispute

Shareholder Dispute

Company shareholders reap the benefits of a successful business. Conversely, during the business’ life shareholders are among those who hold significant risk to their investment if the decision-makers of the company act in a way not in the shareholders’ best interests. Shareholders can take legal action against such decision-makers if their rights are not respected.

PLLR Lawyers is a business law firm in Richmond. As lawyers with shareholder dispute and business law savvy, the firm’s counsel offers clients the representation they require.

Legal Advice For Shareholder Issues

Shareholder rights are often included in the provisions of a company’s shareholder agreement. These agreements work within a legislative context to provide clients with rights and responsibilities vis-a-vis the company. Among the shareholder issues that give rise to legal action include:

  • Forced buyout of shares
  • Termination of business relationships
  • Oppression of minority Shareholders
  • Share price and valuation disputes

As respected business lawyers, firm counsels understand the importance of a company’s reputation. Where discretion is sought in a legal dispute, counsel pursues resolution through private means while protecting the full rights of clients.

Partnership Dispute Lawyers Serving Richmond

At PLLR Lawyers, the firm’s lawyers currently represent more than 1,000 corporations. The extensive business experience held by firm counsel and past client satisfaction makes the firm a trusted source for business law advice.

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