British Columbia employers: Tips for a strong employment contract

An employment contract is an integral part of doing business. It sets out the expectations for the employer/employee relationship and can guide the path to resolution in the event of a dispute. Unfortunately, employers never know the strength of their contracts until faced with a challenge. A legal dispute will put that contract to the test. The contract will likely be attacked by an employee and their legal counsel, scrutinized by a judge, and ultimately be used to determine whether your business survives the dispute.

An introduction to the joint venture as a vehicle to conduct business in BC

One of the first and most important decisions that a person must make when kicking off a new commercial enterprise is to choose the kind of legal structure within which to operate. The choices in British Columbia are distinct mainly because of differences in taxation, personal liability, control and decision-making powers.

Legal due diligence when purchasing a business: 3 steps

Entrepreneurs looking to purchase a business are wise to complete thorough due diligence before finalizing the deal. Due diligence essentially involves research done on a target company before completing a transaction to mitigate the risk of any surprises after the deal is complete. When purchasing a business, it is important to complete thorough financial and legal due diligence on the target business.

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